Champagne Drappier Grande Sendrée Brut 2005


Tasting Notes

Only the juices from first pressing - the cuvées - are used. Mechanical low-pressure presses. Use of gravity to avoid pumping, thus avoiding oxidization. Minimal use of sulfur. Natural settling. Alcoholic fermentation for roughly 2 weeks at low temperature. Then total and natural malolactic fermentation. No filtration. Assemblage – 32% of the wines are matured in oak barrels for 9 months. After bottling, the cuvée is aged for more than 6 years sur lattes (on laths). Dosage: 5 g/l. Golden in colour with amber nuances. The Grande Sendrée reveals subtle aromas of dried fruits, some touches of toast and wax, the whole unfolding into fruity notes of citrus fruits, fruits with white flesh, stoned fruits... The palate accentuates the vinosity, the depth and the structure.

Technical Specifications

  • Vintage 2005
  • Volume 750ml,
  • Appellation Champagne AOC
  • Grape Varietal 2
  • Alcohol 12
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